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Hey there! *waving*


I'm Crystal (formerly Claybrooks, now) Jones, the Photographer behind the lens of Crystal Clear Photography. In November 2015, my husband and I were blessed to welcome our own baby boy into the world! And in September 2018, we welcomed out baby girl. Gah, I'm so totally in love!


Anywho... Who would have ever thought I would be a Newborn Photographer??? I'll totally admit that I am a super left-brain, type A individual. I have an MBA and spent several years in Corporate America in Accounting and Sales... nothing about that says Newborn Photographer, right?


Well, that's exactly what I thought when my boyfriend (now, husband) suggested that I take photograhy more seroiusly because he thought I was pretty good at it. I used to say, "I'm not artsy and creative enough". Fortunately for me, he totally ignored that and purchased my first DLSR for Christmas that year. He said, "here's your camera and you should call yourself Crystal Clear Photography". Lol. It was that simple; that's how Crystal Clear Photography was born in 2009.

When I first started CCP, I photographed everything; events, weddings, engagements, families, maternity... but not very many children and hardly any babies. I thought babies would be too difficult to deal with so I was certain that I'd NEVER photograph them. Lol. One day, a friend asked me to photograph her newborn and I relunctantly agreed. Welp, I was right, a newborn was, by far, the most difficult subject I've ever photographed BUT, I loved every single second of it!! I couldn't believe it. My normal sessions were usually 45 minutes to an hour and the newborn session lasted 3 hours but it felt like 10 minutes. I couldn't believe how much time had gone by when I was finally done. It was at that moment that I knew I HAD to dedicate my photography career to photographing newborns and babies. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way... I absolutely love being able to snuggle with a brand new 5-day-old newborn and laughing with a 1-year-old celebrating their first birthday! I'm truly grateful for every one of my awesome clients for allowing me to capture such an amazing time in their lives!! *hugs*




Wanna be friends? Head on over to my Facebook page and let's connect there. Wanna see some of my recent work? Please go ahead and follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram. Wanna chat? Give me a buzz... I'm friendly :) 404.354.1168. Prefer the computer?? Yeah, me too. lol. Shoot me an email! :)


I look forward to Clearly Capturing Your Most Precious Moments!


Behind the lens

Hey there!

I’m Crystal (formally Claybrooks, now) Jones, the photographer behind the lens of Crystal Clear Photography in Atlanta, GA.

I love my husband for many reasons but one of those reasons is for encouraging, naming and funding Crystal Clear Photography.

I’ve always loved taking photos. I was the friend that wanted to take a picture of everyone and everything. My husband is a bit shy so my compulsive photo snapping was probably a bit annoying, lol, but he still encouraged me to purse my purpose with passion and profit.

So, here I am, doing what I love and loving every minute of it. Thank you for stopping by and please reach out to me if you have any questions! 🙂

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